Facts and Figures
Builder 	EMD (Electro-Motive Division of General Motors)
Model SD9 (SP Class DF125)
Builders Number 21297
Frame Number 5435-9
Date Delivered March, 1956
Original Number 5472 (1956 to 1965)
Interim Number 3946 (1965 to 1977)
Final Number 4423 (GRIP 05/27/77, emerged as SD9R)
Engine Model 16-567C
Horsepower 1750
Weight 360,000 pounds
Length 60' 8"
Height 15'
Width 10' 8"
The locomotive was bought new by the Southern Pacific, primarily for helper service over the Tehachapi range which lies between the Los Angeles basin and the central valley. SP ultimately used it all over the system until 4/2/1968 when it was leased to the Northwestern Pacific, which the SP owned. It served on the NWP until 10/14/1970 when it was returned to the SP. Records indicate that it could be found almost anywhere on the SP system over the next 20 years but it tended to stay close to California. The SP started selling off their older, low horsepower locomotives in the early 90's and the 4423 was sold to Omnitrax in the summer of 1993, along with about 100 other units. About this time. the SP sold the NWP to state agencies and it became a separate entity from the SP. Omnitrax painted the 4423 and 3 other locomotives in the current paint scheme and leased them to the reborn NWP. These units were delivered over the period between Thanksgiving and early December, 1996. The NWP was shut down by the FRA on Thanksgiving day, 1998 and all but 2 of the units (which were wrecked and still sit in Willits) were returned to Omitrax between January and February, 1999. Omitrax used the 4423 intermittently on their own railroad, the Great Western Railway in Loveland, Colorado until December, 2002 when it was set aside. In mid-2003, several members of the Pacific Locomotive Association became aware that the 4423 was to be scrapped and Dennis Mann contacted Omitrax about a possible sale. An agreement was reached, a check was mailed  and the 4423 came back to California in December, 2003. It is currently located on the property of the Oakland Terminal Railway where it is receiving needed repairs. It will eventually call the PLA's Niles Canyon Railway home where it should see many years of passenger service over the scenic railroad.