As delivered, Southern Pacific's SD9's carried a wonderful array of lights on each end.  On top of each end was a red oscillating light which was arranged so that the lights on both ends would turn on if the brakes went into emergency.  Under normal operating conditions, the red light on either the front or back could be turned on manually.  Below that was a dual lamp white oscillating light connected so that only the front or back could be turned on at any given time.  If the white lights were on either end and the brakes went into emergency, the white lights would go out and the red lights on both ends would illuminate.  Below these lights is a dual beam headlight on each end.  At some time prior to 1968, the red and white lights were removed from the rear end and by 1994, the front oscillating lights were also removed and the wiring either pulled or cut.  We intend to put the lights back in place once again so that it will look right when restored to its original configuration as the 5472.  Removing lights such as these is not uncommon due to the problem with maintenance of these 50 year old appliances. 

Below are some photos of the project of restoration of the lights and wiring.  The photos in the second row are of the resistors that control the Gyra lights.  They were missing and the wiring was cut.  After that is the control box which deals with which lights are on under emergency braking conditions.  And finally, the inside of the control stand box which has 4 switch positions.  It has Off, (white) Dim, (white) Bright and Red.  There is a toggle switch on the side of the box which allows the engineer to turn off the oscillating motor on the white light and "jog" it into a desired position to aim the lights.  There is also a red light which indicates the red light is operating.  The rest of the photos are of the painting and installation of the front lights.

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Luckily, over the past 10 years, we had collected a number of dual white and red light assemblies which will be installed on the locomotive.  Dan Furtado volunteered to clean and service the mechanisms of the lights we are going to install.

The rear Gyralights present much the same challenges as the front but without the wiring for the resistors.   When the rear lights were removed, all of the wiring between the terminal board and the lights was pulled out along with the conduit that protected the cable.

We received a great surprise when PLA member Jim Evans turned up 2 Mars oscillating red lights for the project.  The rear end was the first to receive its proper light package.  When finished with the rear work, I  returned to the front and replaced the Plyle red light with a Mars.

In  addition to the Gyra lights, we are changing the headlight housings.  The one on the rear end (photo 1) is the correct housing but it is upside down and broken.  Photo 2 shows the incorrect housing on the front end which will be changed.  Photo 3 is the replacement housing for the front end.  A replacement door was applied to the rear end.

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