Date: 01/20/05
Nostalgic PLA Equipment Move Part 4 - Escape From West Oakland
Author: espeeboy
Finally, at just past 8AM, it was time for this train to move. Move as in get out of Oakland which for some of this museum equipment was indeed a big deal in sitting around the Oakand Army base for years and decades! Engineer Lou and crew are seen on board ready to go with full SP lights aglow. I wonder where Howard is hiding?

Love this shot because minus the new I-880/80 freeway interchange and backside of a big rig in the background, this shot could almost be from 40-50 years ago! This was about the only angle on this train to block the out of place passenger cars and out of era stuff.

After finally touching UP rails in West Oakland's Desert Yard, crew is closing that switch back up. Really, when was the last time you saw a guy working a little elbow grease hand spiking a rail in front of a caboose?!?

SP5472 is once again in familiar SP surroundings passing under the Oakland-SF BART ROW approaching the Diesel shop lead.

Hey, there's Howard!

The first official meet - well sorta. Train stopped short of an outbound fresh UP West Oakland RCL crew. Hey any meet with an Remote Control Locomotive doesn't really count as one right? ;)

The Yardmaster threw a curveball for some of us railfans expecting to see this train run through to Maggie via the Homestead Yard. Trian is shown backing out of West Oakland via 401 track onto main #1.

After the back-up move, the PLA Relocation trian has finally touched mainline rails! Train is moving at decent speed of maybe 20 mph.

Still coming around the corner.  ("The corner" is this spot on the newer post-Loma Prieta Earthquake relocation double track main by West Oakland where trains switch between DS62 and DS58 territory)

A little soggy in west Oakland.

EMD 567 Doppler effect?  Check!

Pacing action alongside the I-880 onramp. Howard is seen again as the official stow-away riding in his Black Widow geep.

Passing by the old Amtrak (leased) coachyard at the left with the western CP Kirkham lead to the new Amtrak facility to the right.

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