Today was dedicated to cleaning the fuel system, a defect which was noted on 1/17.  I originally thought that we had a case of algae because of the color of the fuel but this turned out not to be.  Either the fuel is just plain dirty or it is a different color in Colorado.  We found some interesting items while changing the filters.  Both filters in the primary housing were the wrong element and were doing next to nothing.  The element in the filter the SP had added was actually an oil filter and did not fit the housing.  Because we have no idea what element actually belongs in this housing as it was not marked, I decided to remove it and restore the piping to the EMD stock system.  We also have a number of oil leaks, mainly in Dresser couplings which have probably cracked with age.  Once again, Johnathon stepped in and took on the nasty job of replacing the badly leaking coupling rings under the oil filter housing.  It sure must be nice to be young and flexible and I am most grateful for his help.  We did not fire the engine up because I want to replace the load regulator cover seal before it runs again.

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