My report this trip is a bit short because of the weather and the fact that I did not get much accomplished last weekend.   But, over the past week and a half, I did finish getting the resistors (photos attached) and all of the Gyro light control wiring back in and tested.  I still have a minor problem with one of the switches though.  Does anyone have access to a machine shop that can drill and tap a hole about 1/16" in a 1/4" shaft?  I can post some photos of the switch if anyone might be able to help with this.  At some point, the old light housing mounting bolts need to be drilled out but I would like to leave that to someone younger with better balance on a ladder than I.

I would appreciate your opinions about putting the lights back on even though the locomotive is still lettered for the NWP?  One thing is for sure, I need to find out what paint was used for the silver so I can repaint the light housings before they go up.

I checked on the rear class lights and the parts are completely missing.  It almost looks like they were surgically removed for use on something else.

One other question while I am thinking of it.  Do we have a glass guy? We need to have 4 clear glass number boards made out of auto safety glass.  This is not an immediate issue but it will come up.  I can provide a sample number board if needed for a pattern.

I made contact with the nice folks at WABTEC in Carson City and ordered replacement high pressure exhaust valves for the compressor.  At an exchange cost of $42.00 each, I think we got a bargain.  The valve cages and caps have been cleaned up and are ready for reinstallation.

I also received the rest of the oil seals for the oil pump lines and the load regulator.  These will help greatly with the mess on the engine room floor, once installed.

I have also been working on a radio installation and have it all done but the antenna, which will be finished with a bit of dry weather.  I will post a before/after photo of the control stand with the next report.

I also managed to repair the broken part of the headlight switch.  I hope it will last as the part is not available and the one Errol sent up from the canyon was in worse shape than the one we have.  Time will tell on this one but it works fine now.  Once put back together, I found that the top rear headlight is not working and it isn't a bad bulb.  Darn used cars.

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