First thing today finally saw the end of the horn feed line leak project.  There was way more energy and time expended on this little job than I would have ever thought.  Anyhow, the engineer's side of the cab is back together once again.  Eventually, we will need a bit of new upholstery.

The majority of the day was spent up on the scaffold I put up across the nose of out pet.  Broken bolts and bolt holes welded closed were the order of the day.  I had to put up a red light housing to align some bolt holes and this should give a taste of what it will look like.  Of course, one only has to look at the 5623 to see exactly how it will appear.  I also figured out the cut-off wiring to the gyros and it is ready to connect.  To cut it short, except for paint, the nose is ready for the installation of the Gyra lights.

"Bondo" Dan Furtado spent some time sand blasting some headlight parts.  Given a couple more weeks and some aluminum paint, we can have lights on the front end.

Johnathon let me know that he had finished bead blasting all of the gyro and headlight parts and I will have them back in Oakland by next Saturday at the latest.

I met with a friend of George Childs who has done radiator work for the PLA.  He is going to check out the 2 cores I have as spares for the 5623 and we will use one of them on the 4423.  I am hoping that I can get the radiator cores to him by next weekend.

I am actively seeing historic photos of the locomotive in any of its numbers for the site.  If you happen to see anything on the net, please send me a link to the photo.

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