A little wrenching, a little painting and it was a good day.  On the wrenching front, Phil Orth disconnected the front end of the left radiator bank from the piping and removed the balance of the bolts from the hatch.  The hatch is now ready to pull.  We are hopeful that we can do this on April 17th but I will keep you posted on that.  I could use (and would greatly appreciate) a couple of helpers on radiator day as I would like to shoot for doing the whole job in 1 day.  No great skills needed, just enthusiasm and I will provide the tools.

I painted all the front gyro lights, the headlight for the front end and the plate upon which they mount.  I must say that I really like the Imron 333 (now known as "Imron 2.8HG").  It applies very nicely, covers beautifully and looks great.  Unfortunately, it takes about 12 hours to set up so I was not able to put the gyros back on but I will probably stay after work one day next week and do that.

George Childs built a wooden rack upon which we can set the radiator bank for the repair.  It will sit on the track, just ahead of the 4423 because this is about the only flat place around.  There, we will remove the right end header and the end radiator segment.  My spares are out as we speak being tested and one of them will be installed in place of the leaker.

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