Saturday was a great day!  Dave Burla and Steve Slabach brought up a crane with which we planned to pull the leaking radiator.  First, we pulled the fan hatch and set it on the ground where Steve and George Childs cleaned the underside of the mounting flange.  We then pulled the left radiator bank and set on the wooden rack that George had previously built.  Johnathon Kruger and Phil Orth gave us a hand with the removal of the leaking core and installation of the repaired spare core.  The job went remarkably smoothly and we soon put the bank back in, connected all the piping and fired up the engine to check for water leaks.  There were none so Phil and I guided the hatch back on and that was that.  We still need to put the bolts in the rim of the hatch and connect the fans but they are minor jobs.

Sunday, I worked on wiring the right rear number box that Dan Furtado had previously cleaned. I also managed to find a couple of air leaks that were bugging me but it was a short work day as the rain set in before noon.  I am very glad that this did not happen on Saturday.

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