As I planned to take this weekend off and go camping, I stayed a couple of afternoons after work and got a few things accomplished.
  The glass that Len had made is now in residence in the rear number boards along with a new set of number inserts that I made.  One of the Mars red lights that Jim Evans donated is now mounted above the dual white Gyralight that Dan Furtado rebuilt.  The lights behind the number boards work as do both oscillating lights.  I suspect that we have the only locomotive in museum hands that has an operating Mars light of this type and would love to hear if there are any others.

You will note that there are still no class lights.  The set found in Oregon have yet to turn up and if they are not here soon, I am going to put the cover plates on the holes and move back to the front to work on those number boards.

Phil Orth has been busy removing the cracked and undersize numbers on the cab sides and the rest of the vinyl signs put on the sides by Omnitrax.

Don MacPherson made new number board separator strips for the front number boards and I should be working on them next work day.

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