This week was primarily consumed with work on the front number boxes.  The vertical separators made by Don McPherson were welded in place and the interior painted appropriate colors.

Saturday turned out to be a day of one step forward and two steps back.  I removed the red Pyle National light so it could be replaced by the Mars light and caused myself a lot of work.  I had made cork gaskets for the back of all the light housings to keep water from getting between the housing and the mounting plate.  The gasket was stuck to the paint and upon pulling on the light housing, the gasket managed to strip off some of the original silver paint from the mounting plate.   This is basically the same thing that happened to me on the rear end when removing some masking tape.  Wouldn't you know that the paint that came off would not be covered by the Mars light?  This paint looked as though it was not primered at all.  So, off came the dual white light and off came all of the paint on the mounting plate which is what I should have done in the first place had I known that the paint was not stuck to the metal. Whew!  I will try to get the area primered and painted next week

The only success I had today was that I managed to get the cooling fans hooked up.  This item has been hanging since the radiator work was completed.  I also started going through the electrical system, starting (for no particular reason) with transition.  I found that the locomotive could not have made transition  properly because there are 2 burned out relay coils in the circuit.  I wonder if this is the problem that was reported as a problem with the "reverser"?    I also discovered several disconnected wires but could find no reason for their removal.  The search for reasons will go on later.

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