Because of prior commitments, there was only a short visit to the locomotive this weekend during which I enlisted the aid of the 918 crew in getting rid of the scaffold.  I got a few things accomplished after work during the week, one of which was replacing the rubber molding on the front class lights.  The new rubber glazing bought for the number boards is also used on the class light lenses.   Fortunately, each piece of number board rubber was about a foot too long which gave plenty of material for the class lights.

I painted the mounting area for the white and red oscillating lights on Tuesday and mounted the lights on Thursday.  Now, I am back where I started last Saturday morning.  I also mounted the replacement Mars headlight housing and just as I was about to leave on Thursday, Lenny drove up with the new number board glass.  What a guy!!  The glass is now in place with new numbers behind it.  The front end cosmetic work is now as done as it is going to get for a while.  Now, I am going to return to working on the electrical system.

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