This past week was one of paint.  Well, paint removal that is.  Phil Orth and I spent around 15 hours during the week preparing the engineer's side of the carboy and the long hood end for new paint.  The end called for liberal applications of Bondo and lots of sanding because of the rusted spots.  This is really just a temporary cosmetic fix for this end because of the moisture from the sand box that I have mentioned before.  Saturday, I applied a fresh coat of etching primer to all of the bare metal and then silver to the end and black to part of the hood.

The big event of the week was the arrival of a set of SD9 rear classification lights.  A friend who lives in Tillamook Oregon arranged for us to acquire this pair which were originally attached to SP 4381.  The 4381 was in an unfortunate runaway accident from which it never recovered and was ultimately scrapped.  My friend got the lights and they are now ours for the 5472.  They will require some work but they have all of the important parts.  They will make a lot of difference in the looks of the end of the locomotive when they are up where they belong.
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