On Monday, our GP7, WP713 was brought out of the PLA equipment storage and now joins the 5472 on the OTR service track.  What a collection on this short piece of track.  F7 WP918, SD9 SP5472, GP7 WP713 and GP9 SP5623.  But, even with the siren call of the rust on the 713, Phil and I managed to stay focused on the 5472.  While Phil was cleaning the front end ladders and preparing them for silver paint, I was up on the scaffold applying a coat or two of the silver to the front end.  Dan Furtado was kind enough to come by and take a couple of photos of me, trying not to get runs in the paint.  He then talked me into using the excess silver paint on the anit-climber of the 918.  Wednesday, we completed the masking for the lettering and Phil finished preparing the ladders.  Thursday, the lettering was painted, the little "S.P." was put on the front end and the ladders primered and painted.  Friday, we put the rear end ladders back up which returns that wonderful SD9 characteristic.  Later on Friday, we painted the black on the hood and sides of the front end.  The masking tape could not be removed at this point so the curvature at the front end of the wing is not visible - yet.  Saturday was not a work day but Sunday, we finished unmasking the top of the silver wing and then painted the silver on the lower part of the front end.  With any luck, we should be able to paint the orange on the front tomorrow.


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